Madclown was inspired by the dark side of comics. With a demonic clown on one side and a spider on the other, this dark helmet is guaranteed to get people talking.


The Madclown model is molded onto the Dynamic HP341R shell, which complies with CSA (Z94.1-15 type 1 class E) and ANSI safety standards throughout America. In addition to protecting your head, the helmet provides comfort, stability, and versatility.

  • The helmet’s shell and headband are made entirely of high-density polyethylene.
  • The PRPL (Pull, Ratchet, Push, Lock) suspension features four anchor points and a nylon lining with three height adjustments for optimal comfort and stability.
  • The shell features no indents to prevent water accumulation on the helmet.
  • Lateral slits are provided to attach accessories (i.e. earmuffs or cowl).
  • The helmet is fully reversible thanks to its symmetrical suspension.